Medley Race

Medley Race
  • Moving
  • Up to 50 meters
  • 60 to 90 seconds

All other sports would call it insanity but in Strongman, we call it a medley race! No other event combines the explosive speed of a sprint, the strength demands of a static lift AND the endurance of dragging an incredibly heavy object across a packed arena, quite as well as a good old fashioned medley race!

Medley races can vary from show to show, sometimes it's a tractor tyre, sometimes it's a keg or a giant lead suitcase! But the aim is always the same: athletes race to drag, flip or carry their implements down the length of the course against the clock, with the fastest time deciding the winner.

Watch below as Colin and an ever smiley Terry Hollands explain the intricacies of the medley race.

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