Car Walk

Car Walk
  • Moving
  • 450kg/1000lbs
  • 20 to 30 meters
  • 11.05 seconds
  • Laurence Shahlaei
  • 16/07/2016

A Strongman favourite since it was first run at World's Strongest Man in 1994, the Car Walk is a test of balance, agility and, of course, strength! 

Athletes must pick up a 1000lbs VW Beetle using the frame inside resting on their shoulders, and carry it the length of the course. Races are usually run 2 at a time with the fastest time taken to complete the course deciding the winner.

Athletes must combine both immense leg power to lift the car off the ground, insane upper body strength to steady the car with their arms to avoid touching the tyres on the floor and colossal amounts of core strength, balance and control to keep their body steady when walking with the equivalent of 5 fully grown men on their shoulders!

At Europe's Strongest Man 2016, Laurence Shahlaei set a new record with the 'heavier than ever' car, with a scorching 11.05 seconds to cover the 25 meter course!

Watch Colin and Magnus take you on tour around this stripped out VW Beetle!

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