Giant Axle Press

Giant Axle Press
  • Static
  • Over 200kg
  • 216kg
  • Eddie Hall
  • 01/04/2017

There are many different overhead press disciplines in Strongman, but one of the most difficult is certainly the Giant Axle Press. Lifting a 200+kg bar overhead is hard enough, but what makes the Giant Axle Press so insane is the bar itself- about as thick in diameter as a can of Coca Cola, it gives the athletes a real challenge, requiring incredible grip strength just to lift the bar up onto their chests.

From there, athletes can either use their leg power to help them push press or jerk it over head or, if your name is Eddie Hall or Iron Biby and you have arms bigger than most people's waists, you simply press it overhead as if it were an empty bar!

Watch Colin Bryce explain the Max Axle press event (this was just before Eddie Hall smashed the world record in 2017)!

Top 3 Axle Press lifts

1 Eddie Hall 216kg 01/04/2017
2 Big Z 215kg 30/10/2010
3 Thor 206kg 01/04/2017

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