Atlas Stones

Atlas Stones
  • Moving
  • 120kg to 200kg+
  • 60 seconds

If there's one event that has always defined the sport of Strongman, it's the Atlas Stones! The aim is a simple one: lift your 5 stones up onto the platform faster than your competitor. Sounds easy, right? Well it wouldn't be Strongman without a heavyweight twist!

Each stone is heavier than the last, usually ranging from 120kg right up to 200kg. Lifting 200kg might be nothing to most of our athletes, but after lifting a combined weight of 600kg just seconds earlier, that last stone becomes the heaviest object in the universe! To add insult to injury, the Atlas Stones is traditionally the last event at all Giants Live shows.

Catch up with Colin Bryce, Nick Best and Rob Kearney as they explain the best way to lift a massive stone on to a massive platform!

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