Rob Kearney

  • The World's Strongest Gay
  • 29 Years (16/11/1991)
  • American
  • 175cm
  • 135kg
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Born in Norwich, Connecticut, Rob Kearney discovered a love for lifting at the age of 17 whilst at high school. What started as a hobby turned into a serious endeavour when in 2013 Rob won the Strongman Corporation Nationals’ Amateur National Championship, earning him his pro-card.

Since then Rob has gone on to gain notoriety in the sport not only for his underdog win at the 2016 Strongman Champions League Log Lift World Championships in Lithuania and his Victory at the 2017 Giants Live North American Open, but for coming out as the only openly gay professional strongman.

Rob has already showed a natural talent for overhead press events like the Log Lift and Axle Press but at just 5ft 9 inches, Rob has to work extra hard to keep up with the best in the world. Rob's advice? “Persistence and failure will carry you farther in this sport than anything else. Expect to fail, but learn from every experience and let it make you better.”

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