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Sheffield, brace for impact! The biggest, strongest men in the country are storming Sheffield Arena on 27 January for the ultimate showdown of strength. Ladies and gentlemen, Britain’s Strongest Man is coming to the Steel City.

The contest is part of the Official World's Strongest Man qualifying tour
: Giants Live,
 and after a sell-out show last year 
Britain's Strongest Man is coming to Sheffield Arena to take on a new, even BIGGER, even BETTER venue for 2018.

With MORE spectators, an EPIC atmosphere, GIGANTIC men and COLOSSAL challenges, the spectacle of British strongman is finally setting its stage in front of the stadium audience it deserves.

 GET YOUR GAME FACE ON! The show will be filmed for Channel 5 and is set to be the battle to end all battles.

 All the biggest stars of British Strongman will be there to hoist stones, 
walk with 
cars and lift 
some seriously 
HEAVY metal to prove they have the herculean 
to overcome 5
tests of strength
 be crowned Britain's Strongest Man 

Starring Athletes hoping to be crowned King:

“The Beast” himself, Eddie Hall—famous for his 500 kilo World Record Deadlift
- and holder of 4-straight BSM titles. This puts him on top of all other Brits in the History books,

e is up
 against rival
, and perennial
​ ​
Laurence “Big Loz”  Shahlaei
- who became Europe's Strongest Man in 2016

Other athletes likely to be snapping at their heels, include formidable gentle giant
- the astonishing 51 year old
Lancashire's own 
Mark Felix, 

Plus, former BSM champion,
 strongman legend, 
and 32 stone powerhouse from East 
Terry Hollands.

Its a 
 new age for Strongman,
​ ​
see the 
strongman history books 
being rewritten
s one of the oldest strength 
is fought over at the Sheffield Arena 
 JANUARY 27th 2018

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